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From 1972, with passion and competence, Frascio Group connect its large experience with worlds best sawing machines manufacturer while availing itself with a team of highly qualified technicians to satisfy an cutting needs.

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Riccardo Frascio started to operate as an agent for manual and machine blades. Then also hack saws were added to the range of products. With the development of new technology in the field of cutting, in 1975 the current company was founded and the brand RI.F.STAHL created. The company has been operating in the sector of disk and band saws and today is a leader both in Italy and abroad. Today Riccardo Frascio s.a.s. can meet any cutting needs thanks to a close cooperation with the best manufacturers in the world and a team of technicians and specialised staff.

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Frascio s.r.l., machinery and equipment division, is dedicated to the marketing of sawing machines and cutting plants. The company is made up of a team of highly experienced technicians in order to follow the world of the cut in the more complete and professional way. Choosing the best on the market it has created partnership with the world-wide more important manifacturing , like Soitaab, Bewo, Cosen, Friggi and Kentai.

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DALT ASSISTANCE works in the field of assistance for cutting machinery, weldings, air compressors, drills, spare parts, setting machinery according to the law, using high technology and skilled personnel. Quality and punctuality of service have made the company a reliable reference.

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