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SOITAAB, from 1932, gets success in every continent, producing and distributing CNC cutting machines and band saws; the wide experience gained over years of interaction with his customers by meeting their requirement of efficiency, quality and accuracy, together to the wise use and development of consolidated and modern technologies, such as plasma, oxy­fuel, waterjet and laser, supported by advanced IT solutions and automation are the wining key to satisfy the more ambitious and complex systems and pruduction lines.
For sheet metal cutting proposals are the following product lines: Lineatech, Plasmatech, Watertech, which provide a clever combination of various technologies used. For the sector bandsaws it is available a wide range of horizontal and vertical machines able to satisfy the different needs of the market.

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Sector Leader and partner to the most important international players of the steel and aluminium cutting industry.
- Worldwide market covering: 30% Italy, 40% Europe and 30% North America and Japan.
- A complete line of standard and tailor-made products.
- Renowned within the market for originality in more advanced and efficient cutting solutions.
- Friggi Cutting Solutions S.r.l. has set its goal in aiming to constantly reduce the cost per cut by - continuous investment in R & D and collaborating with all the main service centres around the world.
- Friggi Cutting Solutions S.r.l. selects the best possible components to guarantee a final product that is at the forefront of technology with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.
- Global service support is made available through authorized partners. Parts distribution is handled by satellite warehouses in various territories in order to reduce down times.
- Able to do test cutting of client material in our premises to come up with the best possible solution for client requirements.

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Since its establishment in 1976, Cosen saws has continued its growth into one of the world’s largest professional band saw manufacturers. Today's Cosen manufactures over 100 models including manual band saw, semi-automatic band saw, automatic band saw, and NC band saw in types and from 200mm (8") to 2000mm (78") in capacities.
With a record of more than 82,000 band saw machines sold to all five continents including Germany and Japan, Cosen's markets expand internationally to over 80 countries through authorized distributors for the metal cutting industry. Cosen has spent more than 3 decades in maximizing efficiency and quality in every step of band saw designing, engineering and manufacturing to assure customers of long-lasting performance. In addition to utilizing world brand parts such as Siemens of German, Teiemecanique of France and NOK of Japan, Cosen saws has also earned ISO-9001 standards as well as CE designation and EMC to assure customers around the globe of absolute quality and reliability.

For more information go to: http://www.taitech.eu/cosen.php

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For more than 70 years, BEWO has concentrated on making industrial sawing processes more efficient. What originally started with simple manually operated sawing machines, has developed into a unique knowledge and development centre for automatic sawing lines. Today, BEWO Cutting Systems stands out more than ever because of its innovative customer-oriented market approach. BEWO invents, develops and produces intelligent solutions for individual customers, resulting in the lowest costs per sawn product. Intelligent solutions, in which a perfect interaction between man & automation is created. That is what we wish to symbolize with our variation on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing. In developing customer-specific solutions, BEWO observes three core values.
We call them our i-norms: integral approach, innovative technology and improved performance. Our integral approach streamlines your sawing process from loading to stacking. Positioning, sawing, deburring, measuring, washing and stacking; all these processes are integrated. Our intelligent solutions are implemented using the most innovative technologies, such as a unique level of automated handling. The i-norm for improved performance is our final goal for each of our customers.

For more information go to: http://www.bewo.nl
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Kentai Machinery has founded in 1985 and mainly concentrated on two fields of Circular Saw Blade Grinding Machines and Sawing Machines.
We are the first professional manufacturer to develop of HSS Circular Saw Blade Grinding Machines in Taiwan.
With regards to solid and pipe cutting, owning High Speed Carbide Sawing Machine with CNC Control and CNC Automatic Carbide Sawing Machine High-speed for non-ferrous metals which are one of the most speedy machines in the world.

For more information go to: http://www.taitech.eu/kentai.php

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MACC Costruzioni Meccaniche S.r.l., a leading company producing cutting-off and bandsaw machines for metal and aluminum materials, has been operating since 1976 in its headquarters in Schio (VI). MACC is a well known reality on the domestic and international market and able to offer its customers a wide range of cutting machines (manual, automatic, CNC controlled, cutting lines vertical, abrasive disc, ..). Besides the wide choice for models, MACC has always stood out for the quality, safety and constant technological innovation.

For more information go to: http://www.macc.it
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