Bandsaw BEWO SCF-90 Quatro

MODEL: SCF-90 Quatro

The SCF 90 Quatro represents the very latest in tube cutting technology and has been fully designed and developed in house by Bewo's highly skilled and experienced engineering department.

All processes and operator input are from a centralised, operator friendly, full colour graphic panel, the machine setting are virtually entirely automated.

The working space has been screened entirely, resulting in minimum sound levels.

The transparent protecting hoods can just be opened, if the total line has entirely shut down.

This machine certifies to all CE security rules.

The SCF 90 Sigma is a true revolution in tube cutting, unlike any other sawing machine you have ever seen, offering both ultra fast high productions but also quick and simple changeovers.

The Bewo "Prisma" jaw system allows not only four point clamping on round, square and rectangular tubes, but also allows the simultaneous clamping of multiple tubes.

 It is possible to supply the SCF as either standalone or linked to deburring, measuring, cleaning and collecting systems.


BEWO measuring system SCC-90

BEWO measuring system BMS-90


Motor -
Cutting speed (m/min.) 5,5 kw
Capacity fino a 11.000 products/h
Precision 0,15 mm: length tolerance
Min. pipe diam. 8 mm
Max. pipe -
Min. square or rectangular 10x10 mm
Max. square or rectangular 80x80 mm o 100x60 mm
Min. product lenght 20 mm
Max. product lenght 3000 mm (on request other lenght)
Max. weight 50 kg

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