Bandsaw BEWO SCF-90 Single

MODEL: SCF-90 Single

The most flexible with the shortest changeover times

The BEWO SCF-90 Single offers the ideal solution for the super-fast production of smaller volumes of different types of products.

Because of its unique flexibility and extremely short changeover times, this machine makes it possible to dramatically reduce the production costs of smaller batches.

Allowing you to respond to rapidly changing market conditions with greater success and profitability.

As the flexible ‘Single’ version of the SCF-90 line, this machine features the same top-class technology as the Sigma, like a 5.5 kW motor and a cutting speed of 50 to 300 m/min.

It also has the same versatile range: tube diameters of 8 – 90 mm, rectangular and square profiles from 10 x 10 mm to 80 x 80 mm.

Intelligent interaction

The BEWO SCF-90 Single combines a high level of automation with the most advanced servo techniques.

A “coach” guides the operator quickly and simply through the set-up menu, thus eliminating incorrect settings.

The innovative jaw system also contributes significantly to its unique flexibility.

It is a hydraulically operated double jaw system that comes standard with flat rear jaws and an inclined front jaw.

Whether you want to switch from rod stock to a rectangular profile, from a round to a square tube, from a minimum to a maximum diameter, from a thin to a thick wall, your operator does it in almost no time – without changing clamping and transport jaws!

Just enter the new product specifications in the BEWO operating menu, that’s all.

The intelligent interaction of software and machine technology does the rest: the optimum jaw pressure, saw feed, cutting speed; all settings are automatically adjusted.

Allowing you to automatically saw each new batch at the most efficient settings.


Changeover time for round tube 25x2, ST37-2, L=500 to square tube 50x1.5 SS 409 L=1000: 40 seconds.

All the SCF-90 innovations under the hood Apart from its specific functionalities for ensuring maximum flexibility and efficiency at smaller volumes, the machine design of the SCF-90 Single is the same as that of the SCF-90 Sigma.

Under the transparent hood – which can only be opened after the machine has come to a complete halt – you will find the same innovations as described for the Sigma.

Typical BEWO innovations that prolong the life of the saw blade, guarantee an exact saw cut and ensure an uninterrupted production of sawn material.

Both machines also excel in terms of durability and low maintenance costs.


BEWO measuring system SCC-90

BEWO measuring system BMS-90


Motor -
Cutting speed (m/min.) 5,5 kw
Capacity fino a 2.500 products/h
Precision 0,15 mm: length tolerance
Min. pipe diam. 8 mm
Max. pipe diam. 90 mm
Min. square or rectangular 10x10 mm
Max. square or rectangular 80x80 mm o 100x60 mm
Min. product lenght 20 mm
Max. product lenght 3000 mm (on request other lenght)
Max. weight 50 kg

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