Bandsaw Cosen C2


Cosen C-tech series with exclusive V_Drive technology
The ultimate cutting solution for your productivity needs has arrived! Enjoy the six advantages provided by Cosen’s C-TECH series. Cut more! Cut better! For less!
1.      Safe cutting
Thoughtfully covered with four-doorway access, the machine provides operators with all-around protection while maintaining maintenance jobs just as easy. Machine stops upon opened doors, ensuring operation safety at all time.
2.      Automatic first cut
Machine automatically positions material for trim-cut. No more measuring required!
3.      Convenient data reading
Besides blade life, blade speed and feed vise position, the C-TECH series utilizes blade height detector to provide instant reading on current cutting rate.
4.      Simple intuitive controls
Simple intuitive HMI touch screen controls all machine operations, displays vital cutting info and provides troubleshooting assistance.
5.      Smoothest saw frame feeding
The saw frame rides on linear guide ways, a design that allows for lowest friction and highest precision possible!
6.      Exclusive V_Drive design
With Cosen’s V_Drive, you can cut hard-to-cut materials like Titanium, Hastelloy and other metals at significantly increased rates. V_Drive saves you cutting time by 25~50% and at the same time improve blade life, reducing your tooling costs!


Vertical hydraulic shuttle vise assembly.

Shuttle vise pressure regulator.


Capacità di taglio
260 mm 260 mm 300x260 mm
Velocità lama (m/min.) 20 - 100 m/min.
Dimensioni lama (mm) 4115 x 34 x 1.1
Tensione lama Idraulica
Potenza motore lama 5 HP (3.7 Kw)
Potenza motore olio 1 HP (0.75 Kw)
Potenza motore emulsionabile 1/8 HP (0.1 Kw)
Olio idraulico 20 L
Liquido emulsionabile 45 L
Corsa carro Singola 400 mm
Multipla max. 99999 mm
Pezzo finale 50 mm
Morse Hydraulic
Piano di lavoro 650 mm
Peso 1500/1700 kg
Ingombri (mm) 2100 x 2135 x 1880 mm

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