Bandsaw Friggi VAS OSF


Born from technical and engineering ability developed over the past decades.

This machine is a big automatic vertical bandsaw specially designed to cut carbon-steel and stainless steel plates.

Thanks to the sophisticated and sturdy lade guide, longitudinal and cross cuts are possible without any repositioning of the material. The vertical clamps on the machine also permit cutting of stacked material.

Main features

    - Electro welded steel structure extremely rigid and sturdy
    - Pre-configured to use carbide blades
    - Feed controlled by brushless servo drives
    - Precision ball bearing guides
    - Minimum material scrap 35 mm
    - Blade tension control with automatic recovery
    - Drag type chip conveyor
    - Automatic survey of the cutting force
    - Software to automatically program different groups of work and to trim plates on all four sides
    - Multifunction display with integrated operator guide
    - Internal diagnostic of all functions
    - Blade deviation automatic control
    - Anti sliding blade control
    - Blade breakage switch
    - Automatic blade guide approach related to piece thickness and roller pushers that assist material clamping and eliminate vibrations
    - Axis control by brushless servo drives
    - Material clamping by floating vices to follow any possible plate undulations
    - Automatic cut execution along both transversal and longitudinal directions
    - Hydraulic rollers that lift the material during its positioning in order to avoid possible collision


MODEL 6250x300x2000 8250x300x2000
Cutting capacity (mm) 300 300
Throat (mm) 2.000 2.000
Head stroke (mm) 6.250 8.250
Blade dimension (mm) 9.360x41x1.3 9.360x41x1.3
Blade speed (m/min) 300 ÷ 1200 300 ÷ 1200
Blade motor power (Kw) 18,5 18,5
Weight (Kg) 30.500 44.600

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