High Speed Circular Sawing Machine KTC 130SP / KTC 150SP


High-speed Carbide Sawing Machine with CNC-control.

CNC DIGITAL CONTROL SYSTEM: motion controller system is used of progressive servo positioned control unit, provide high stability upon 2 axis servo driving, and also the reliable precision of repeated positioning is presented.

HMI CENTRALIZED OPERATING PANEL: high performance HMI touch screen with centralize operating panel, user-friendliness of man-machine interface displays varied functions setting, error report, operating condition.

DATA MANAGEMENT RECIPE SYSTEM: memorized the variety of material and the data of cuttin piece.

SAW HEAD DRIVE DEVICE: high steel characteristics structure, equipped with super heavy load type of Linear Guideway, ensure the movement more stable and smooth.

AUTO-LOADING MAGAZINE: equipped with bumping-free protection device to prevent magazine damaged from rolling and bump.

MOTIVE POWER STEEL BRUSH: the steel brush is driven by the gear of saw head to synchronize the rotation of steel brush and the saw head, so as to clear out the chip on the saw blade assuredly.


Bundle Loader

CE cover

Unloading Device

GFC (Gripper Feed Carriage) system


Cut-off Capacity KTC-130SP KTC-150SP
Round Bar 20~130 mm 40~153 mm
Square Bar 20~100 mm 40~110 mm
Round Tube 20~130 mm 40~153 mm
Square Tube 20~100 mm 40~110 mm
Saw Head & Spindle  
TCT Carbide tipped sawblade 360 x 2.6 t mm/425 x 2.7 t mm 460 x 2.7 t mm
HSS sawblade type 425/5 t mm (max) 455/5 t mm (max)
Sawblade rotation speed 10~160 rpm 10~160 rpm
Chip removal Steel brush disk Steel brush disk
Spindle driving motor 15 Kw (20Hp) / 4p
Ac servo motor / GFC 4.87 Kw
AC servo motor / Saw head AC Servo motore (Saw Head) 2 Kw 2.14 Kw
Hydraulic pump motor 3.75 Kw (5Hp) / 4p
Coolant pump motor 0.19 Kw / 2p
Hydraulic Device  
Work driving pressure 70 kg/cm2 (7 MPa)
Tank Capacity 100 L
Pneumatic Device  
Work operating pressure 4~6 Kg/cm2 (55~85 psi)
Dimension (L x W x H) 7280 x 2990 x 1908
Weight Main machine 4000 Kgs - loading magazine 1210 Kgs

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